Corporate Events:

If you are looking for entertainment for a corporate event, you have some very specific challenges.

Let's say you are responsible for hiring some entertainment for an important team-building workshop. You need an hour, or maybe an hour and a half of corporate-friendly entertainment, to give your staff a little break, or to pump up their energy.

So, how big a mine field is that, exactly?

A band probably won't work because the set up and break down time is too long. Plus, everyone's taste in music is different, so someone is bound to be unhappy with your choice.

How about a magician? That can be a really good choice. As long as the magician specializes in the corporate market (and few of them do.) If you are not careful, you may wind up with a wand-twirling balloon-doggy maker treating your highly-skilled team members as if they were six-year-olds at a party.

How about a comedian? Great choice. As long as he is funny. And knows the difference between working a corporate audience and a comedy club. What is funny in a bar can be extremely offensive in a corporate gathering. You may spend the rest of the day explaining the bathroom humor and sex jokes to the CEO.

The Dan Ladd Comedy Hypnosis Show is the answer to your problem.

Our show is perfectly tuned for corporate events. It is hysterical but does not have a single inappropriate moment.

The Dan Ladd Comedy Hypnosis Show contains no vulgar, racist or sexist humor.

There are a lot of laughs--but not one of them questionable. At the end of the show, the volunteers leave the stage feeling happy and energized--not embarrassed.

Plus, a comedy hypnosis show is actually a giant team-building exercise. The volunteers will find their creativity both sparked and rewarded. The volunteers, and the audience will end the show full of energy and excitement.

The Dan Ladd Comedy Hypnosis Show takes very little setup time, and has few requirements for success. 

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